What are some signs of nursing home abuse?

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As the average age in this country slowly rises, so does the total population living in a nursing home. Nursing homes are present in just about every metropolitan city in the country. These places provide many elderly people with a chance to receive personalized health care and spend time with their peers. Unfortunately, some residents do not always get the attention they need. Negligence is among the most common forms of nursing home abuse. The levels of negligence can vary greatly depending on the circumstances surrounding every person’s individual situation. Nursing homes most commonly are negligent in the ways of basic hygiene, eating assistance and mobility.

When Nursing home residents are neglected, they suffer both emotionally and physically. Being aware of the signs of abuse may stop ongoing abuse or prevent it entirely. We should be mindful that one sign of neglect does not provide proof for neglect. However, if you see these signs combined among each other, it may point to systematic problems within the nursing home’s management.

Clean living conditions are a basic requirement of all nursing homes. When spaces within a home are not properly sanitized, it can leave residents exposed to bacteria and disease. Elderly people may be especially susceptible to these diseases in their old age. The United States has enacted federal laws that outline how nursing homes are required to procure and maintain an infection control program. These programs should be designed to encourage an environment that is sanitary, safe and comfortable. Besides these requirements at the federal level, each state has its own laws regarding security. Be sure to regularly inspect that your loved ones have access to sanitary bathrooms, bedding and kitchen areas.

Loss of mobility is another sign of neglect within a nursing home. Mobility is a challenge for many nursing home residents. Nursing homes that are taking good care of their residents will assist patients with exercises and keeping them as active as possible. Many have walking programs in place that increase circulation, as well as improve balance and muscle strength. On the other side, neglected patients may be forced to spend longs periods of time in bed. This reduces mobility as well as increases the risk for infections and bedsores.

If nursing home residents are not receiving enough attention, they may begin attempting to do tasks for themselves that result in an injury. This might be a simple task like walking to kitchen unassisted, or going to the bathroom unassisted. Bruises and broken bones are serious signs of neglect within a nursing home.

As terrible as all of this is, there are ways to pursue legal actions for any injuries sustained in a nursing home. According to the Glover Law Firm, if you or a loved one has experienced harm or mental anguish due to neglect you can sue to have these injuries paid for. No one deserves to live in unsanitary, unsafe conditions. No one deserves to feel like they are a burden to staff. Attorneys like this work to make sure nursing homes are held accountable when they don’t meet basic standards of care.

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