How to Maintain your Sport Fishing Yacht

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A sport fishing yacht is not just something you jump into when the whim hits you. There are certain things you need to do to maintain it so that it will last you a long time. Aside from the obvious such as washing our your deck, repairing holes and any other structural damage, getting it custom fitted, and keeping your engine in good running condition, there are two things you may not think about.

Checking the Prop

You should make it a habit of checking the prop shaft to check if there is any wayward fishing lines entangled down there. Fishing lines can cause a lot of damage if it gets wound up in the prop shaft. It melts and can compromise the seal, letting salt water into the prop and corroding the metal parts. Replacing the prop can be very expensive, so if you notice a brownish fluid trailing you from under the propeller, it is a sign that the prop shaft seal may have been breached. Have it checked and replaced as soon as possible.

Use Out-Rodders

If you want spread out your lures or extend your rod, but don’t have outriggers, you can use a device called out-rodders to help you out. Made of anodize aluminum or stainless steel, a pair of these out-rodders are vertical tubes designed to attach to gunwale rod holders.

The purpose of an out-rodder is to widen your trolling spread on both sides of your sport fishing yacht; others used them to keep the rods at a lower angle when drifting. When using out-rodders, you have to attach safety lines in case the going gets rough.

These are just a couple of shout-outs for those who are seriously into sport fishing, but many modifications can be installed before you hit the water. Get a custom luxury yacht outfitter to help you out.

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