The Worst Thing Imaginable

Starting a family is one of the most beautiful parts of life. Bringing a life into this world and watching them grow from a small baby into a fully-grown adult is a major goal for most people. People go into this process of starting a family with the expectation that their child will outlive them.

It’s a sad thing to think about, but the majority of the time, it goes this way. The parent gets old and passes, and the child mourns but can think of all the good times they got to spend with their parents.

Sometimes the parent dies of an illness or an unexpected accident. Although this is heartbreaking to think about, this is how the story goes most of the time.

Unfortunately, the unthinkable might happen. The child might die before their parents. Untimely death is the worst thing imaginable to a parent. The child won’t get a chance to grow up and start a family of their own. They won’t get to graduate from college and start their career.

They won’t walk down the aisle and recite their vows to their soulmate. This is never a fair situation. A small child shouldn’t pass away. But, illnesses happen that cannot be cured. Even with modern medicine, some things can’t be fixed and as much as it hurts, there’s not always a lot that can be done.

Worse than a child passing away from a terminal illness is a child being killed due to another person’s negligence. Children are one of the most vulnerable members of society, and often they cannot speak up when something is wrong.

Daycare workers run the gamut and undergo thorough background checks before they can work with children, and yet daycare abuse is a prevalent menace on society. If a newborn child is not properly taken care of when they are first born, they can pass away. Medical malpractice can ruin the lives of a new family when a child is killed.

Other types of negligence can result in the loss of life for a child. If a toy with parts small enough to choke on is labeled improperly, a parent could step out of the room for a brief second and come back to a toddler that has choked to death. All of these crimes lead to unspeakable amounts of grief for the surviving family.

If a child has died as a result of another party’s negligence, their parents may have a right to sue. Lawrence & Associates are experts in understanding the laws surrounding the loss of a child.

Parents are often entitled to compensation to help deal with a loss of society and companionship. While it in no way will ever come close to the love and affection given to them by their child, seeking damages can help begin the healing process. If you or a loved one has lost a child because of someone else’s carelessness, it’s important to take the steps to get justice.

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